The Doubtful Guest

"I'm begging darlin' please, don't hang me out to dry.

'cos I'm down and on my knees, and howlin' lullabies."




Volume 2

Digital Download or Compact Disc (CD)

Volume 2 is our first record.

After a long winter of recording, he/she/it was born into the world on April 15th 2005 and weighed a hefty 11 songs! Oh boy!!
People seem to like it when we sign our names on things, so we'll sign your CD copy of Volume 2 to make it extra super special!

Track listing:
01: Head on Backwards
02: Business
03: Way of Not
04: Hungry
05: Coins
06: Chinatown
07: Hosanna
08: Going Home
09: What I've Done Wrong
10: Moment of the Year
11: Long Goodbyes

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