The Doubtful Guest

"I'm begging darlin' please, don't hang me out to dry.

'cos I'm down and on my knees, and howlin' lullabies."




9:00 pm21:00

The Barge Inn

  • The Barge Inn

A 204 year old pub which goes by the monikers "Crop Circle Central", "The Most Famous Pub in the Universe" and the Sistine Chapel of Wiltshire"!

It's an internationally renown meeting place for researchers and followers of the fascinating phenomena that are crop circles! It serves it's own line of Honeystreet Ales, is situated right on the Kennet and Avon canal, plays Arcade Fire on it's website and we can't wait to get in there and play for them!

If you're in the area, pop in and catch our set!

+44 1672 851705

Aug 29

The Saint James' Wine Vaults

  • Saint James' Wine Vaults

We're heading back to the Saint James' Wine Vaults!

This place has been a regular haunt of the Doubtful Guest for over a decade now and we still love it.

One of the few bars in Bath to have stuck to it's guns and stayed a good old fashioned boozer. No flower pots filled with Thyme and mismatched leather chairs here.

And you don't need a 2nd mortgage for half a pint of "craft" ale either.

We're sharing the stage with Al O'Kane from over in Frome. He's been playing the local circuit for as long as we have and has some great songs up his sleeve.

Aug 16

The Royal Oak

  • The Royal Oak

We had to cancel our last show at the Oak Royale so we're looking forward to getting back in there and making some noises!!

Great pub, great beer, great dogs, pretty good band :)

See ya down there!!

Widcombe Street Party
6:00 pm18:00

Widcombe Street Party

  • Widcombe Street Party

One of the last long-standing traditions of our beautiful City!

It's an honor to be invited to play as a part of the Widcombe street party's line up and we're really excited to see what the day brings!

Come down, have a beer, dance the day away and forget about Monday, lurking 'round the corner like a dirty, fun stealing fiend!!

The Parade will be closed for the day and there will be a large covered stage at one end of the street, with two additional smaller stages. Gazebos, tables and chairs will be set up along the length of the street, which will be decorated with banners and bunting. Musical performances will take place on the stages and at street level, involving school ensembles, local choirs and groups, and progressing to professional entertainers and bands. There will be buskers and street performers entertaining visitors throughout the day, including street theatre from the Natural Theatre Company, and naturally a guest appearance by our own Lady Margaret. The local pubs, restaurants and cafes will be open for business, and local traders will set up stalls in front of their premises to sell food, drink and merchandise. There will be street games, raffles, competitions and activities for children.
6:00 pm18:00

Buckland Dinham Village Day

  • Buckland Dinham Village Hall

Buckland Dinham is a beautiful little village that sits betwixt the mighty townships of Radstock and Frome.

They're having a day of celebration for their village and we've been asked to make large amounts of noise for them!! And so we shall!! If you're in the area or you just fancy a day out in the country, come by and catch our set.

Looking at the village website, it appears Teddies jump off the Tower at 3pm. This mass "Lemming imitation" may be a one day only affair or Buckland Dinham could be the last resting place of all stuffed toys. I personally can not wait to find out!

Also performing will be Frome's foremost SingerSongwriter and Town Councillor extraordinaire, Mr Al O'Kane.

May 30

The Lamb Inn

  • The Lamb Inn



Unfortunately this show has been cancelled by the Promoter.

Due to events beyond our control, we will not be appearing at the Lamb in Devizes until a future date.

We're returning to the Lamb Inn in the market town of Devizes, Wiltshire under the soothing wings of Sheer Music promotions!

Sheer have been really good to us over the years and have given us a multitude of great shows in and around the Wiltshire area.

We're sharing the stage with Indie-Country-Rock boys The Shudders, so expect a night of severe foot stomping goodness!

+44 1380 725 426

9:00 pm21:00

Hall & Woodhouse: Party in the City

  • Hall and Woodhouse

We're performing as part of the Bath International Music Festival's Party in the City at Hall & Woodhouse!

Taking place on the opening night of the music celebrated Music Festival, this year’s Party in the City will be another spectacular occasion, celebrating the panoramic local music scene and vibrant cultural life of our city and the surrounding areas.

The Festival is coordinating an exciting programme of free events in venues across the city, including a fantastic street performance and procession which will bring the city centre alive with music and dancing.

And we get to be a part of it! We're really excited about this show and entire night of music!


+44 1225 469259

9:30 pm21:30

The Royal Oak

  • The Royal Oak


Due to our Bass Player hurting his back, we won't be able play this show tonight.


He's okay but he's gonna have to take a few days r&r after a slight disagreement with some steps!

Apologies to those that were hoping to catch us tonight! See ya next week instead! 

The DG x

Another of our very most favourite public houses, The Royal Oak serves up some of the finest ales in the region and has a great reputation for live music and good time carnage!

Come down, get beer, sit back, enjoy!

+44 1225 481409

8:30 pm20:30

Beese's Beer and Tea Gardens

  • Beese's Beer and Tea Gardens

Imagine a little bar set beside a river with a beautiful garden, boats floating by and some of the finest burgers known to man available for munching. Got it?

IMAGINE NO MORE for now there is

BEESE'S BEER GARDEN (also featuring... TEA)!!!!!

This outstanding summertime venue has actually been around a while and is one of Bristol's best kept secrets. We've had the pleasure of playing here a few times and can't wait to head back and do it all again! See ya there!

+44 117 977 7412

7:30 pm19:30


  • Komedia

So this is pretty frickin' cool! We have the absolutely AMAZING privilege of opening for Rockgrass legends, Hayseed Dixie at Komedia in Bath!

Arguably best known in the UK for their cover of Motörhead's Ace of Spades and adding a bluegrass twist to many other classic rock numbers, these guys have been kickin' 'grass and takin' names since 2001 and have toured their balls off!

And now, we get to share a bill with them and try to keep up!

This is gonna be an outstanding night! Come out!



8:00 pm20:00



The Bath Beer festival is frickin' amazing! Probably a good idea to like Beer though.

REAL Beer that is!

Held for the third consecutive year at the Premier Suite of Bath Rugby Club, there will be over 35 beers up for grabs!

The Doubtful Guest will play two sets throughout the evening to keep your feet tappin' while you sample the fine ales, porters, ciders and perrys!

Admission: £8

Ticket price includes £2 worth of beer tokens to all customers (which  will be given to customers on entry to the event itself), a free souvenir glass  and an up-to-date beer list.

9:00 pm21:00

The Saint James' Wine Vaults

  • The Saint James' Wine Vaults

The Wine Vaults has had a consistently high and varied line up of musicians banging, strumming, kicking and crooning their way across it's cosy stage for many years. Add to this owner Neil Whiting's on/off love affair with one of the greatest moustaches ever to roam the Earth and you're guaranteed a night beyond compare.

The Doubtful Guest have hammered out many a sweaty night here and return to do exactly the same once more!


8:00 pm20:00

The Royal Oak

  • The Royal Oak

The Doubtful Guest return to one of their favourite pubs to soak in ale and twang loudly!

The Royal Oak is an outstanding force for local live music and real ale consumption. Friendly bar staff, friendlier dogs, an indoors and even an outdoors too!

10:00 am10:00

The Wooley Festival

  • The Wooley Festival

Three days of music and madness with a varied selection of acts including Jesus Jones, Chaz & Dave, The Selector and Courtney Pine.

The Doubtful Guest play on Saturday afternoon on the Acoustic stage.

The Dolaucothi Arms Beer Festival
1:00 pm13:00

The Dolaucothi Arms Beer Festival

  • The Dolaucothi Arms Beer Festival

A pub owned by the National Trust that's only 15 mins from GOLD MINES!!!!!

Situated in the village of Pumsaint in Carmarthenshire, the Dolaucothi Arms has a half acre pub garden that over looks the Cothi river and has 4 miles of fishing rights!

This place is beautiful and is run by our chum Dave Joy who is a fantastic musician in his own right. Check out his band Dead Maids

Beer festivals are always awesome unless they run out of beer. Hopefully that won't happen. Come and enjoy the festival with us!

(Bring a fishing rod and some mining equipment y'all!!!)

2:45 pm14:45

BBC Wiltshire with Sue Davies

We're going on the RADIO!! It's been a while since we dragged our hairy forms into the BBC studios in Swindon's Old Town but the time has arrived! And they've invited us back!

Tune into Sue Davies' show to hear us talk about stuff and play a song!