The Doubtful Guest

"I'm begging darlin' please, don't hang me out to dry.

'cos I'm down and on my knees, and howlin' lullabies."





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Salvation took it's time getting here, but when it did finally arrive it was well worth the wait.
Released sparingly back in 2009, our 2nd release is now available on CD and for Download, for the 1st time, ever!
As with all things, signing our names on this record will improve it 904%.
And so sign it we shall, just for you.

Track listing:
01: Lanoline
02: Pork & Beans
03: Lady of the Sea
04: Salvation
05: Cleveland
06: Golden Flame
07: Old Street Lights
08: Papa Luageo
09: Love is Hell
10: Workers Left in Song
11: No One Called

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